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Trauma and Extremities


The SurgTech Trauma System plates andscrews are intended to be used for internal bone fixation for bone fractures,fusions, osteotomies and non-unions appropriate for the sizeand design of the device. The large plate set components are indicated for theuse in various long bones including the femur and tibia. The small plate set isindicated for use in various small bones including the metacarpals, metatarsals,phalanges, calcaneus and those of the ankle. In addition, the SurgTech TraumaSystem cancellous, cannulated lag, headless compression and non-lockingcortical screws are indicated for use in bone reconstruction, osteotomy,arthrodesis, joint fusion, fracture repair and fracture fixation, appropriatefor the size of the device.


1.Multiple Material Options

All plates and screws offered in StainlessSteel (316LVM) and Titanium Alloy (Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-6Al-7NB), which betteraccommodates surgeon’s preferences.


2.Reduction Slots and LockingHoles

A lot of SurgTech plates are have bothreduction slots and locking holes, which provides optimal compression andhealing effects K-wire holes and reduction slots also provide enhancedprimary/secondary fracture fixation.


3.Uniform Hole Spacing

Equal hole spacing on the shaft of platesoffers greater operative flexibility for screw and plate placemen.


4.Anatomical Fit

Contours of the plate is designed toprovide anatomical fit to bones. Rounded and tapered plate ends reducedpotential for soft-tissue irritation easier placement of plate duringinsertion.


5.Multiple Screw Hole Options

A wide range of screws to choose from. Forinstance, for a 3.5mm/4.0mm screw hole, the surgeon has the flexibility tochoose between cortical screws and cancellous screws.


6. Multiple Plate Options

Increased indication coverage all in oneset. Specialty reconstruction and calcaneal plate provides extended indicationsfor the same case.


7.Ergonomically DesignedInstrumentations

Instruments such as bending iron andbending templates are designed specifically for easy and quick plate contouringspecialist forceps designed for different part of the human anatomy.

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