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You are invited to apply to be the Surgtech sales agent in your local market.

Welcome to Surgtech's sales agent page. We are an international designer and manufacturer of FDA-approved innovative orthopedic implants and instrument kits. We are currently looking for active sales agents around the world to represent our line of trauma systems, total joint systems, spinal fixation systems and interbody fusion cage systems.

If you are a service oriented medical device sales professional or company with a good integrity and success record, please apply for self-introduction under the "new sales agent" TAB as above. You can also contact Surgtech representative at (400) 899-2922 or

In the meantime, consider these benefits of working with Surgtech and envision becoming an important member of our sales agency network:

Competitive Pay.

Our competitive compensation package offers great potential for sales growth, limited to your ambitions. Your initiative, coupled with our ongoing clinical and technical training, will help you earn the income you desire and the professional respect you deserve.

Expert Support for Quick Response.

To ensure your long-term success, we offer a wide range of pre - and post-sales support programs. You can confidently approach potential customers and gain the advantage of growing your business.

Innovative and High-quality Products.

To ensure consistent quality, reliability and effectiveness, we perform all key manufacturing processes internally. Continued investment in a vibrant and growing R&D program allows us to focus on product innovation and improving the quality of life of our patients.

"Looking forward to your participation" 

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