UPASS & SINO Trauma Correction for Fracture of Spinal Internal Fixation System

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Method 1. Posture Reduction
The patient was in prone position, with the chest and thigh roots cushioned high and the abdomen suspended. This is conducive to the correction of kyphosis deformity.

Method 2:  In Situ Bending Rod Method
1. Insert the screw with fixed angle, open the rod after installation, restore the height of the vertebral body, and finally lock the screw so that the rod cannot slide.
2. To restore lumbar lordosis, in-situ rod bender was used to bend the rod in accordance with the requirements.

Note: Two in-situ benders should not be far away, otherwise the elasticity of the metal itself will lead to the failure of the bending rod.

Method 3. Rotary Rod Reduction
1. Placement of pedicle screw with fixed angle.
2. Place the pre-bent bar in the groove of the screw and pre-lock the screw plug. The locking strength should allow the operation of the screw rod.
3. Open the forceps to restore the height of the vertebral body.
4. In the condition of maintaining the extension, the pre-bending rod is rotated to the state consistent with the physiological lordosis of the lumbar spine with forceps and wrenches to restore the lordosis of the lumbar spine.

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